CSC 243, Introduction to Programming

Sections 701/710,  Fall 2012

SECTION 701: Classes are held on Tuesdays from 5:45pm to 9:00pm in CDM 218 (CDM building, 2nd floor)
SECTION 710: Lectures will be posted online on Tuesdays after 9pm.

The section 701 final exam will be held on Tuesday, November 20 from 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM in the usual classroom (CDM 218). Students in section 710 should schedule their exam on COL.

The exam will be CLOSED BOOK and NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES, but open hardcopy notes. The exam will consist of questions evaluating your understanding of the core concepts covered in the course: Python data types, mutability, functions, parameter passing, conditional and iteration structures, modules (including the math and random Standard Library modules), and recursion. Some questions will require you interpret Python code while others will require you to write Python code. In order to prepare for the exam, read the relevant chapters in the textbook, read the lecture notes, and review all Python code we have seen. Make sure you can solve all homework and lecture problems.

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Python Resources
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Beginners guide to Python
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Room 713
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Lecture outlines

Week 1
Python interpreter; variables, expressions, and assignments; core data types (number types, string, and list); (using) objects and classes (Ch 2)
Week 2
Python programming; one and two-way conditional statements; iteration through sequence objects; functions and parameter passing (Ch 3) (code)
Week 3
String processing; file I/O; exceptions (Ch 4) (code)
Week 4
multi-way conditional structures; loop patterns (Ch 5) (code)
Week 5
multi-dimensional lists; more loop patterns (Ch 5) (code)
Week 6
Midterm exam String encodings (ASCII and Unicode); randomness (Ch. 6) (code)
Week 7
Functional and modular abstraction; namespaces; the program stack and normal execution flow (Ch. 7); intro to recursion (Ch. 10) (code)
Week 8
Recursion (Ch. 10) (code)
Week 9
Recursion (Ch. 10) (code)
Week 10
Topics: exception handling (Ch 7); additional collection classes (dictionary, tuple, and set); string encodings (ASCII and Unicode); randomness (Ch. 6) (code)
Week 11
Final exam


Homework 1 (due 9/18)
Homework 2 (due 9/25)
Homework 3 (due 10/2)
Homework 4 (due 10/9)
Homework 5 (due 10/23)
Homework 6 (due 10/30)
Homework 7 (due 11/6)
Homework 8 (due 11/13)

Most solutions posted on COL