In Advisor to the King, you, the player, are given a job in the King's bureaucracy. Work your way up the ladder by analyzing petitions from the King's subjects. And maybe you'll learn something on the way.

Advisor to the King
A scene from Advisor to the King

The original lisptutor was developed at Carnegie Mellon University by Reiser, Anderson, Corbett, Farrell and others. Lisptutor Jr is a simplified version of the system, but it is still used by many people interested in learning the classic language for Artificial Intelligence: LISP.

An exercise in Lisptutor Jr
An exercise in Lisptutor Jr

Want to try the dialog-based tutor that helped students learn Research Methods in Psychology over and above what they learn in class? Check out the demonstration system, and choose "interactive tutoring", "text only" (the talking head doesn't work any more), and choose a subject.

Talking head in action
Research Methods Tutor with a scenario